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Coordinating Community consultation/

engagement with membership in a fair, neutral

and transparent manner.

Coordinate proper channels of communications

between IR No 1 2 & 3 Community members

with the proposed right of way for IR No 2 & 3.

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Winners-Survey question draw:
1st prize $750-Gordon Anthony
2nd prize $500-Johnny Sauls
3rd prize $250-Myra Petersen
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Hi, my name is Rock Deneault, I have been contracted by the Neskonlith Band to engage the total Membership to give them the best simplified information on the proposed right of way on IR No 2 & 3.

Our team will keep you fully informed with upcoming one on one meetings, open houses, fire side discussions etc.

Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call. 

I will also keep this website updated.

Our Expertise


As of August 19th the team has started planning for the upcoming second go round which is engaging the Membership utilizing all of the communication tools at our disposal to make a simplified presentation to you.

At end of the project you the Membership will have to vote on the proposed right of way on IR No 2 and 3.

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