Our Expertise

Hi to all Membeship. I have been contracted to provide information on proposed Ministry of Highways right of way going through IR No 2 & 3. 

Project Coordinator

Rock Deneault

O'Leary & Associates have been contracted by Neskonlith Band to Coordinate the success of the highways project

O'Leary & Associates (Consultant)

Collin O'Leary

Michelle is the Administrator and Chief & Council will be meeting with Ministry of Highways at the higher level.

Michelle Good & Chief/Council


Stan Ashcroft legal team will help expediate the process with all of the Bands Estates re highways project


Ashcroft & Co

Urban Systems will be developing the Bands Land use plan.


Urban Systems

*Traditional & environmental Assessment.

* Archeology investigation Assessment

Neskonlith Inc

Sk'atsin Resources

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